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Education and training

1979: Medical Speciality in Internal Medicine, University of Parma.
1999: Medical Speciality in Geriatrics and Gerontology at the University of Parma.
1999 - 2000: Authorised by Parma’s Local Health Authority General Management, he passed the entry examination, enrolled in the 7th Master in Administration and Management of Health Services, organized by the Emilia Romagna Local Health Authority in collaboration with the University of Bologna and directed by Professor Moretti, where he gained his qualification in June 2000.
June – July 2000: PhD at the Université de Montreal (UCAM), following the Italian master, and obtaining the title "Docteur en organization de services de santé" with Prof. Desmarteau, Prof.Dussault and Prof. Tilquine.


Work experience

Resident at the Institute of Clinical Medicine and Clinical Methodology of the University of Parma until 1975.
1976 – 1987: Full-time First Aid Medical Assistant.
1987: Deputy Head at the II° Medical Division of Fidenza’s hospital (Unit of Geriatrics).
1987:  In charge of the Doppler ultrasonography service at Fidenza’s Hospital and simultaneously carrying out clinical functions at the antidiabetic centre, as well as dealing with the reorganization and outpatient rounds.
1980 – 1991: Lecturer at the Parma School of Professional Nursing in the field of clinical medicine.
January 1995: Appointed Head of Parma’s Local Health Authority departmental service for the elderly, representing also the District of Fidenza. Responsibilities included diagnoses, treatment, organization and management of the service; in the same period, he was also the district manager of residential homes and residential care facilities.
1997: Regional project which gave way to the home health care service (ASDI) and the following year enabled a pilot experimental project in Fidenza regarding the opening of a home care service for terminal patients (NODO) and a corresponding ‚Äč analgesic therapy home.
18/3/1997 - 31/12/1997: Representative for the Department of Regional Health Services for Health assistance in Residential Homes in the District of Fidenza.
He has represented Parma’s ASL (Local Heath Authority) in regional specialist groups and in numerous national and international conferences regarding home care for the elderly.
1995: Member of the regional Working Group "Hesperides" as a consultant.
October 2000: Summoned by the Local Health Authority’s Internal Evaluation Centre as a company representative for the general manager to activate a provincial network for residential care apartments for the elderly and disabled.
January 2001: Appointed Head of the General Direction staff offices to carry out coordination activities in the following areas: Training, Business Quality, Prevention and Protection Service. He was also the health coordinator of the company’s residential homes working in close collaboration and with the coordination of Social Services groups.
March 2001: Appointed Head of the company’s historical and artistic heritage and a member of the regional group.
March 2001: Appointed as a Representative member of the company within the Technical Group established by the Province for the creation of provincial guidelines with regards to "Residential care apartments".
Since 2001: Nominated Visiting Professor at the University of Parma specifically as a Lecturer at the Postgraduate School of Gerontology and Geriatrics, which offers the specialist course "Functional and multidimensional geriatrics evaluation. Geriatricians in the new network of services” ("Valutazione funzionale e multidimensionale geriatrica. Il Geriatra nella nuova rete dei Servizi."). This course was available for an uninterrupted period between 2006-2010.   
Since 21/11/2001: Responsible for the coordination of training activities and company update.  
6th November 2001: Appointed director of the Social Health District and Hospital Unit of Borgo Val di Taro.
1st August 2003: Summoned by the Health Department as a Provincial Coordinator for Hospices, Residential care apartments, facilities designed for the provision of constant care and areas for the elderly.  
January 2003: Participated in the selection for Director of the Primary Care Department, as announced by Parma’s Local Health Authority (and as per qualification). In the same year, he was in the regional classification for the selection of Local Health Authority (ASL) General Managers.
1st January 2005: Nominated Director of Department (Struttura Complessa) regarding the regional geriatrics business program.
10th March 2008: Nominated Head of the University Degree Course for Nursing.
18th January 2009: Appointed Clinical Health Director at “S. Maria Ai Servi” Centre of the “Don Gnocchi” foundation, Parma.
September 2010 – present: collaborates with Milan’s Institute of Preventive Genetic Medicine (IMGeP-Istituto di medicina genetica preventiva personalizzata) in research activities regarding diagnoses and treatments.
June 2011 – present: Consultant and private specialist for outpatient and home healthcare services at the Private Hospital Piccole Figlie.
December 2012 – present: Private specialist in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at the Dalla Rosa Prati Medical Centre.
December 2012 – present: Joint Manager of the Wound Care Unit at the Private Hospital Piccole Figlie.



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